With over seven years of experience directing and producing TV ads and stuff, plus many more years filling other roles in the industry, James has found himself at the head of his own ship. this wasn't the intention when he set out to be a commercial film director. back then the model was simple, get your show-reel looking half decent and get attached to a production house or two. however, as fate has it, he did a couple of small ads as the producer and director. over time, as the agencies grew and the industry evolved, those projects grew and here we are.

As well as being a much liked and sought after director; he has spent years working with and seeking out the most talented crewmembers & service providers in the region and beyond. whatever your idea, we can make it happen.


The ad industry is a “hire in” industry. every crewmember is freelance; every piece of kit and location is rented… it must be that way to accommodate the dramatically different and quick turnaround of productions, so the well-connected producer director has access to the same recourses and talent as the large international film companies.

With a large company, you’re not likely to have the person whose knowledge, skill & experience runs that company, be the same person that runs your project. in fact, if your project isn’t the most important project at any one moment in time, you’re not even going to get any of the top people in the company, its somewhat of a lottery. that’s not the case when you’re working with the likes of James, you get the A-team every time, big or small.

We have dramatically less overheads and although we can provide an identical service; we offer substantially better value. that’s not to say we are the cheap option, you just get more for your investment. better people, better equipment, better client services and better results…

Dear potential client, partner or service provider; if you've read this far, then don’t be a silly sausage and say “Hi!”, introduce yourself...